Climate Change and sustainability

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January 24, 2018
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Climate Change and sustainability


The next time you realize that this time your winters we’re colder than normal and it was raining through your summers, you need acknowledge that the world is changing. With alarming use of gases and carbons in our everyday life we need to be aware and careful with our resources.  The aviation industry is one of the largest contributors to this rapidly growing climate change.

Almost all climate scientists agree that GHG emissions are raising the average temperature of the earth. Anytime a fossil fuel is burned, GHGs such as carbon dioxide (CO2) are released. These gases trap heat in the atmosphere, altering the climate in ways that can impact almost every aspect of the way we live – from the beautiful places we love to visit to global agriculture and farming. Air travel is one of many human activities that emit GHGs. But, contrary to popular belief, air travel actually accounts for only a minority percentage of total global GHG emissions – and there are ways to offset. At these times sustainability is the key and Virgin Australia has proven that it is in fact achievable.

Virgin Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are by far the airline’s most significant environmental impact, 98% of their emissions footprint is the result of aircraft fuel burn, but they have been committed to reduce their emissions and the negative impact on the environment through combined approach of fuel efficiency, sustainable aviation biofuel development and carbon offsetting.

Virgin Australia’s commitment to sustainable development is evident and honest, they are not only working towards these goals for their airline but also supporting international efforts to develop an environmentally and economically sustainable global policy framework for reducing carbon emissions from the aviation sector.


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